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Necklace made of gold k14 for Eleni' s best friend Sofia who is like a SISter to her


Necklace made of rose gold K14 & cubic zirconium, with the shape of two stars and two monograms...symbolizes Eleni' s relationship with her son


Cufflinks made of silver 925 & enamel as a graduation gift

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Necklace made of silver 925 with the letter "S" as a gift to a beloved friend


The whole family in two jewels! Necklace made of white gold K14 and pearl with the two sons'  monograms and a bracelet made of silver 925 with husband's name


Necklaces made of silver 925 & cubic zirconium, Easter present for the two goddaughters

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Two gifts for godfather and godmother with their monograms and the monogram of their goddaughter. A bracelet and a key holder made of silver 925


Necklace made of gold K14, a diamond, sapphires and iolite as a present for grandmother Eleni, for helping the family. The two flowers symbolize the couple and the blossom symbolizes the baby girl


Earrings made of rose gold plated silver 925. Mom's present to herself, for her daughter's christening

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The most beautiful present  to a mom,  for mother's day is a bracelet with the birth date and the initial of her daughter... present from her husband!! pink gold plated silver 925.   The 2 sons' initials combined with 2 hearts make a beautiful necklace... made of pink gold K14, gift to Natalie from her husband celebrating Mother's day!  

Cufflinks with initials, platinum plated silver 925 & enamel with the color of your choice!


Necklace with initials and a small cross on the chain, pink gold K14


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Presents for grandfather and grandmother! a keychain made of silver 925 for him and a heart shaped  gold k14 necklace for her. Their initial in the middle and the initials of their 6 grandchildren around it!  

Necklace made of platinum plated silver 925 with zircon, gift from Georgia to her sister, with her children's monograms, Elisabeth & Philip


Bracelet made of gold plated silver 925 & mother of pearl, for the mom of the 4th member of the Renee family


Necklace with golden chain K14 & enamel, engraved family monograms to the back, for the mom to wear all her family!

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D & M can have any look we want, and become a wonderful gift...   "Just name it", necklaces and bracelets with names in various styles & materials (silver or gold K14)...   "Just name it", necklaces and bracelets with names in various styles & materials (silver or gold K14) ...   Happy People Special present to a special girl: necklace with black strap (gold K18 & sapphires), necklace with chain (gold plated silver 925 & sapphires), necklace on the right with gray strap (pink gold K18 & brilliant)
2 sons on a necklace!
Gold K14
  «Butterfly Χ» pink gold Κ14   3 moms having 3 daughters one year old! B.F.E. pink gold K14 & brilliant   8.8.2015: The most beautiful date is that of the birth of a baby... gold plated silver 925
Bbreak a leg and pass the Lower examination!!!! Platinum plated silver 925   «Happy First Birthday» pink gold Κ14 & sapphire   R: Christmas gift for beautiful Roza!!
Gold plated silver 925
  HEART: heart with dates - family affair!! Platinum plated silver 925
Cufflinks with monograms, platinum plated silver 925 & enamel   ΑΤ: necklace with monogrames Α.Τ. in gold Κ14 & sapphire   Adulthood gifts with monograms & dedications, platinum K14 & platinum plated silver 925  

Necklace for a beloved cousin with the monograms of her family, made of platinum plated silver 925 and turquoise


Ring in 14K pink gold and diamond with monogram


Necklace in 18K white gold with diamonds, sapphires and tourmaline, anniversary gift that each stone symbolizes a family member


Necklace with the letter N from pink gold K14, smoke & pink quartz

  Necklace with the Greek letters Ε, Γ, gift for Mom with the initials of the sons, in K14 pink gold and hematite
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Set of gold necklace K14 and cufflinks in silver and gold K14, designed for 40 years wedding anniversary


Monogram M & M made of white gold K18 and sapphires


Pendant with monograms made of K14 white gold and sapphire


Pendant with monograms made of K18 white gold with diamonds

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Necklace with the couple's monogram and earrings with the initials of their children, platinum plated silver 925


Cufflinks made of platinum plated silver 925 & inlay


Cufflinks made of platinum plated silver 925 & inlay

  Bracelet in pink gold K14 with the number 13, the birth year of the grandchild
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Bracelets made of 925 custom designed for twins  

Bracelets made of pink gold K14 designed in order to remind of two beloved

  Necklace in platinum plated silver 925 and jade, an Easter gift  

Identity bracelets made of pink gold K14, gift from grandmother to granddaughter & bride

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Gold necklace K14 for mom


Bracelet with monogram in pink gold K14

  Bracelet Virgo sign, made of gold plated silver 925 and enamel, gift from aunt to niece   Necklace and earrings set in silver 925 & pearl, a gift for a new mummy with monogram hers and her daughter
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Gifts for parents, made of yellow and white gold K14 with ivory and pink gold plated silver 925 and jade  

Bracelets, for a couple in love, platinum plated silver 925


Bracelet platinum plated silver 925 gift to Constantine from his mother, gift full of love and memories


Bracelet 14K gold with the names of the three children of Dora and processed in female by adding zirconium  the wedding ring of her beloved father

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Renee has her son and her husband always at hand, in gold plated silver 925


Jewelry family affair, platinum plated silver 925 to wear mom and daughter



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